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Will Vaus
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My Journey 

This is the story of a spiritual journey with C. S. Lewis and other literary companions, a memoir of a life of reading. Drawing from many years of journal-writing, Vaus recalls influential people, books, conversations, and travels from his childhood years to the present. Never a dry discourse of lessons learned, but a vivid engagement where readers will feel they are invisible participants. Vaus’ pastoral and writing ministry has taken him to many parts of the United States and the world. C. S. Lewis enthusiasts will particularly enjoy descriptions of many visits to Lewis landmarks in the British Isles and the year Vaus and his family spent in Ireland with Merrie and Douglas Gresham (Lewis’ stepson).

An exciting and engaging account of ups and downs in the spiritual life that both moves and inspires. Written with a straightforward humility, the reader looks less at the life of Will Vaus and more toward its source and goal, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Revd Dr Jeanette Sears
Writer and Former Tutor in Christian Doctrine and Church History
Trinity College, Bristol, England

In this poignant memoir, Will Vaus has not only carefully listened to his own life, but he also understands the issues of your life. He distills wisdom from his spiritual mentors, including C. S. Lewis, Billy Graham, Sheldon Vanauken, Tim Hansel, Robert Schuller, Viktor Frankl, Henri Nouwen, and many more. After reading this book you can add a new name to your list of spiritual mentors—Will Vaus.

Steven A. Beebe, Ph.D.
Regents’ and University Distinguished Professor
Emeritus, Texas State University
Author, C. S. Lewis and the Craft of Communication

This remarkable book is about the importance of companionship in our life with Christ. It is remarkable because of how long Will Vaus has been in ministry. When we first met he was 24, fresh out of seminary, and eager to know what life had in store. Thirty-five years later he is still in ministry. That is in itself remarkable when 42% of pastors reportedly would step aside if they could. This is not a hero’s journey defined by dramatic events, but a journey sustained in its ordinary details by extraordinary friends. Read it and be reminded of the gift of your friends.

Leighton Ford
Evangelist and Author, A Life of Listening

Will is the kind of man who writes from an honest depth of reality, and a creative wisdom that only our Triune God can impart to another. That keeps one reading to the end…as it did me with this book you will now be reading. Each chapter begins with quotes from others… don't skip those! Ponder those words Will has shared, as they will open up your anticipation for what is to follow.

Wes Roberts
Author of Reclaiming God's Original Intent for the Church

Will shares a warm and authentic behind the scenes look at the people and books that shaped his life. A kaleidoscope collection of feelings, thoughts, experiences, and life lessons. It’s a great read!

Steve Russo
International communicator; bestselling author
and Radio/TV host

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