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Will Vaus
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Discussion Questions 

Will Vaus is the founder of C. S. Lewis Societies in Columbia, South Carolina, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Will's book, Speaking of Jack: A C. S. Lewis Discussion Guide, contains introductions and discussion questions for about 40 books by and about C. S. Lewis which Will has used in C. S. Lewis Society meetings. 

Below are some bonus discussion questions for three books not included in Speaking of Jack. Feel free to use them for yourself or your group.


What Others Are Saying . . .

"I teach AP English at a Christian school in Tampa. I was so excited to find your website that I had to write and tell you! My juniors read Mere Christianity this summer, and we've studied a chapter of The Screwtape Letters. My seniors are reading Out of the Silent Planet this month. . . . C. S. Lewis is an amazing author to study. Your study guides are excellent. I am going to print them up for use as we study."
Krista McGee

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